• Supra 9" Solid Axle Kit


    Supra Solid Axle Kit***

      Our Supra Solid Axle Kit is a true bolt in chromoly subframe that comes with built in anti-roll bar, adjustable end links, upper and lower control arms, shock mounts, and added (optional) 4 bolt flanges to help tie subframe into chassis. 

    • Save +80lbs over aftermarket tubular subframes on the market.
    • Save +100lbs over factory subframe. 

    This kit is a great option for those wanting the repeatability and the strength of a solid axle swap but without the cost and down time that comes with taking your car to a fab/chassis shop for a custom setup. Plus, the kit can always be removed and installed in another chassis should you even change down the road.

    ***2 week build time on subframe

    ****We can provide the axle housing and shocks to complete your kit.