• FRS/BRZ Front Drag Coilovers


       Front Drag Coilover for the 2012+ FRS/BRZ. Direct bolt on double adjustable coilover that features a pillow ball upper mount with camber adjustment. 19 way compression adjustment and 19 way rebound adjustment.

    Valving Options:

    -No Prep: A softer range of rebound that allows for maximum weight transfer.

    -Street / Strip: This valving is great for those that want to do it all. Can be turned down enough to handle no prep but can be turned up enoght to handle the track. Good at doing both but no the best possible valving for ether.

    - Radial: For the sticky track racers that need to keep that front end down.

    ****Does not retain front anti-roll bar. Anti Roll recommended to be removed for drag applications